Not Exactly a National Geographic Whale Video

JorobadaFilming whales is hard. A sixteen foot-long boat packed with eager tourists on a rolling sea doesn’t provide a stable platform from which to film. And since the boat’s captain is supposed to stay 100 meters away from the whales, one has to zoom all the way in to record something more than just a black blob spurting mist into the air.

During the one whale watching tour I’ve been on, I was so intent on staring at my camera’s screen to see if I was recording anything decent, that I almost missed seeing the whales altogether.

With that said, the video your about to watch is not mine. It’s from Marcello Hernández, a whale conservationist here in Costa Rica. He was kind enough to upload a few shaky takes, and they’re all worth watching. It’s easy to appreciate the sheer size of these animals from the images.

Amature video at its best folks, you gotta love it!! For more information on whale and dolphin conservation efforts in Costa Rica go to the Whale Coalition’s website.  Enjoy.


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