Leatherback Sea Turtle Online Magazine

The truly fantastic part about this blog is that I get to post and distribute information in a format that requires no shipping and handling, no printing and pressing, and no subscriptions or monthly dues. In addition to a free lunch, I try to provide pictures, videos, and other images that bring the stories to life. Thankfully, this is an easy chore, for I have the good fortune of reporting on the conservation of Costa Rica’s natural resources, arguably the most stunning in the universe. However, in a poof of smoke, in the blink of an eye, and in the swift decision of some corrupt politico in San Jose, they could all be gone.

Leatherback MagazineAnd then what? No more red ribbon sunsets over pristine beaches, no longer those percolating sunrises through misty rain forests, and no more guttural calls from howler monkeys that resonate through the canyons.

We’re seeing the destruction that a few wayward decision makers can cause right now. The fate of Leatherback Nation Park (Parque Nacional Marino Las Baulas) hangs in the balance in the form of bill 17.383, a cleverly crafted pile of papers that proposes to downgrade the park to a wildlife refuge in order to give investors who illegally purchased land inside the national park the opportunity to develop their beachfront acquisitions (blog post “Chaos in Costa Rica’s Leatherback National Park” Sept. 10).

Pass the bill—–downgrade the park—–develop the beaches—–loose the Pacific leatherback sea turtle forever.
I’m proud to bring you an incredible compilation of articles and information solicited from the planet’s (yes planet’s!!) leading authorities on leatherback sea turtles and the need to protect Leatherback National Park  in Costa Rica.

The Voice of the Leatherback Turtles is an “ezine”–kinda like a magazine but without all that tree killing, dirty paper production, and toxic ink.  So go ahead, click on it, it’s worth it just to satisfy your growing ezine curiosity.


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