Take a Ride on the “No Tuna Farm” Trail

I left San Jose at 7 am…

…11 hours later the beaten down bus lumbered to its final stop in the one block town of Punta Banco. Just beyond the town, the dirt road dead-ends in the lush green folds of Costa Rica’s southern Pacific coast, making it impossible to travel any further by vehicle.

The proposed site of a tuna farm aquaculture project  is a 2 hour hike south (4 hours if you forget the video camera and have to go back for it!!) from Punta Banco along a deserted beach. The proposal has the community up in arms and ready to fight off anyone or anything that threatens their quiet way of life.

Watch this documentary of my trip from the congested San Jose streets to the mouth of Costa Rica’s Golfo Dulce  and learn why there’s a fight brewing in paradise.

–For more information on how you can help stop tuna farming in Costa Rica’s Golfo Dulce, please contact Andy Bystrom at andy@pretoma.org.

More information on tuna aquaculture is available on this blog at the following posts:

The Dark Side of Tuna Farming–Sept. 3

Tuna Farms Threaten One of Planet’s Best Surfing Spots–Sept. 3

How to Help Surfers Campaign Against Tuna Farms–Sept. 18


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