The Leatherback sea turtle concert of the century

Costa Rica to host history’s biggest/most important leatherback sea turtle benefit concert

Where: CENAC San Jose, Costa Rica

When: December 14, 2009

Time: 1:00 pm to 10:00 pm–Musicians’ press conference at 3:00 pm

The concert is free to the public!!

Legislation is pending (bill 17.383) in Costa Rica’s Legislative Assembly that would downgrade the country’s Leatherback Marine National Park to a wildlife refuge and allow illegally obtained beach front lands inside the current sea turtle nesting buffer zone to be developed.

Determined not to loose the Eastern Pacific leatherback’s most viable nesting beaches to private development interests, local and international conservation NGOs, university students, the Cultural Ministry, and private citizens have organized the first ever “Leatherback Survival” (“Sobrevive Baula”) concert. Be part of the movement to protect this planet’s flora, fauna, and other vital natural resources by attending and/or voicing your support through comments on this blog.

In addition to the big show, there will be a press conference by the event’s musicians beginning at 3:00 pm.

Nine of Costa Rica’s biggest bands will be playing and at the same time asking why certain individuals in the current government want to destroy a national park that currently shelters a critically endangered species of sea turtle whose presence in this country has brought in millions of dollars in tourism business throughout the years.

–Stay tuned to this blog for pictures and video from the event.  



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