An Impassioned Letter to Save Leatherback Sea Turtles

Here’s an update on bill 17.838 and the Government’s attempt (Oscar Arias’ administration) to downgrade Costa Rica’s Leatherback Marine Nation Park to a wildlife refuge and open up the nesting leatherback sea turtle buffer zone to beachfront development:

The latest political rumors are saying that the bill will be presented to the Legislative Assembly’s Environmental Commission sometime after the presidential election (Feb. 7th) and before the new government takes office in May.  This way, if the bill to destroy the park should happen to pass, the new administration can wave their hands in the air, play dumb, and blame the havoc on the old government.  The Costa Rican Conservation Network, now more then ever needs your support to turn the tide in the leatherback’s favor. Please continue to send your letters of support for the national park to:

Senora Hania M. Durán at the Legislative Assembly:

In addition, please copy President Arias’ secretary, Mariangel Solera, at and the Costa Rican marine turtle conservation NGO Pretoma at

…and here’s a great example of an impassioned letter that was recently sent:

Dearest Señors and Señoras,

Lo siento, mi espanol no es muy bueno.

Please protect Las Baulas National Park.  My husband and I, and nowwith our young children have been coming to Costa Rica for 15 years for vacation. Our recent trip we visited Las Baulas National park  in 2008 and we were devastated to see the development, the developer from Germany had cut all of the trees and subdivided to build 100’s of homes. The museum was gone.

There were now bars on the windows with hired security gaurds where we stayed. This was not how Playa Grande was just 10 years ago. It was very sad and not good for the local Costa Rican people.  The turtles have declined in the last 10 years even more.

It does not have to be this way. As a country, Costa Rica can lead the world in Ocean conservation and biodiversity. Your country has more opportunity than most other countries today. You can have history show your record of protecting the turtles and other marine animals. It will be better for the Costa Rican people as well.

Please don’t let foreign developers destroy your national heritage for their own profit.

These turtles need your protection. Please protect the Leatherback Turtles for our children. Please reject this bill and show the world that you can’t be dictated to by citizens of other countries only interested in their personal profit.


Lee Anne Simmons

2 Responses to “An Impassioned Letter to Save Leatherback Sea Turtles”
  1. Joey Hessler says:

    I am 13 years old, and love turtles. My family is going to be visiting Costa Rica next school year, and we are going to be volunteering at a marine biology place to help the turtles. We will be going on night hikes, with the people there.

    • Andy Bystrom says:

      That’s really cool Joey that you and your family will be coming to Costa Rica protect nesting sea turtles!! What organization will you guys be volunteering with?

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