I own a bike–How can I stop shark finning?

Mark's Spinning To End Finning blog

The campaign to stop shark finning is getting more international support this year as Mark DiMaggio – a high school science teacher – takes action by riding his bike from Missoula, Montana to Pueblo, Colorado (1091 miles) to raise money for shark conservation efforts in Costa Rica.  100% of the money raised during his ride will be donated to Pretoma a Costa Rican non-profit organization that works to protect and restore shark populations in Central America and around the world.

Mark’s ride began on July 12, 2010 and schools of shark lovers have been “ridding along” with him and donating via his Spinning To End Finning blog.  Be sure to support him as he writes daily from the road and shares stories of his adventure, the people he meets, and the momentous support in the campaign to end shark finning.

As of July 27th he’s raised $932.  And he’s just one person.  Just imagine if we all decided to do something extraordinary to help save sharks.  To contribute to his cause, go to the donate button on his blog.  All donations are tax deductible, and 100%, every penny raised goes to shark conservation.

…from somewhere in the Wyoming Rocky Mountains, Mark writes, “It was a beautiful ride, although there was rarely a single tree to shade the way.  I had lots of opportunities to “talk shark” with people, and although many knew of the issue, just as many did not…the sea is our life support system, and sharks play a vital role in its proper functioning; may we recognize that and correct our misdoings before the harm we do is irreparable.”

Those of us involved in the fight to save sharks and end shark finning salute Mark DiMaggio (on whatever country road he might be peddling down).


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