Artisanal fishers win global conservation competition

Ashoka’s Changemakers, with support from National Geographic and the Inter-­American Development Bank (IADB), announced yesterday that PRETOMA’s Development of economic partnerships between artisanal fisher folk and tourism operators entry was one of the three winners in the Places On The Edge-­Saving Coastal And Freshwater Destinations Online competition.  The project is developing environmental, economic, and social benefits in coastal communities located along the southwestern Nicoya Peninsula, Guanacaste through the application of sustainable fishing practices.

 “It’s exciting to highlight these fisher folk as leaders in the field, working on innovative solutions that protect the environment and strengthen the heritage and livelihoods of their communities”, said project designer Andy Bystrom, emphasizing that, “PRETOMA thanks all of the people who took the time to vote for the project; we are truly grateful for your support”. 

 250 entries from 54 countries around the world participated in the competition.  Among the 12 finalists was Costa Rica’s Corcovado Foundation and its Building the Osa travelers’ philanthropy fund entry.  While not selected as a winner, the foundation’s work to combine tourism with environmental conservation is an innovative initiative that also deserves recognition. 

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