Sign the Petition—Stop Shark Fin Imports to Costa Rica

Shark finning vessel "Hung Chi Fu 68" docked in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. April 30, 2011

The Costa Rican marine environmental organization, PRETOMA, is collecting signatures urging Costa Rica’s President, Laura Chinchilla, to ban shark fin imports.  Please sign the petition against the import of shark fins to Costa Rica!!      

Earlier this year the Costa Rican government admitted to catering to international shark finners’ interests by allowing industry members to land thousands of tons of shark fins at clandestine private docks in the port of Puntarenas over the past decade.  A court order closed the docks and mandated that international longline fishing vessels land their products at public docks where fisheries inspectors can inspect the cargo.  The very first Taiwanese vessel (registered in Belize) to land at the public dock was accused and found guilty of shark finning. 

Shark fins are loaded into these trucks and imported back to Costa Rica

But shark finning is a lucrative international business and the industry’s players are relentless in their efforts to destroy shark populations in the interest of making money.  Last month the international shark finning fleet’s boats (the same ones that previously arrived at Costa Rica’s private docks) began docking and landing shark fins in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.  What’s more, the fins are loaded into trucks and driven/imported back into Costa Rica where they are prepared for export. 

Voice your disapproval of shark finning and be a part of the movement to save sharks and restore their populations. 

–Andy Bystrom  San Jose, Costa Rica

6 Responses to “Sign the Petition—Stop Shark Fin Imports to Costa Rica”
  1. Ryan Ross says:

    This is a selfish and sick industry that brings shame to your country.

  2. karenlyonskalmenson says:

    cruel, archaic and beyond stupid this is

  3. This is a crime against the Oceans and our planet. Total stupidity! Governments must forbide this criminal practice.

  4. pat myers says:

    A disgrace against nature&our oceans soon nothing will be left!

  5. It is time to save our oceans and all life in them from the wanton destruction wrought by humans.

  6. nordika says:

    Stop this sick cruelty to our beautiful ocean life! Its a disgrace that money is all these people care for! You are destroying the ocean!

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