An Incredible Dose of Support

Spinning to End Finning’s 2012 bike ride will raise awareness for the threats sharks face from overfishing and the practice of shark finning.  The ride will also raise money for ARCAE and Pretoma, two Costa Rican marine environmental non-profit partners active in local, regional, and global shark conservation campaigns.  As ARCAE’s executive director and Pretoma … Continue reading

Major Environmental Award Given to Shark Finning Opponent

Randall Arauz of Costa Rica, Pretoma’s  president and founder, was announced as a 2010 Goldman Environmental Prize winner on Earth Day (April, 22) in San Francisco, California.  He received the prestigious award for his tireless work to draw international attention to and end the inhumane and environmentally catastrophic shark finning industry in Costa Rica. “Shark … Continue reading

Shark finning out of control in Costa Rica

Last week Allan Bolaños, a Pretoma marine researcher, returned from a bloody two week longline fishing trip where he observed the realities of what drives today’s fishermen to continue baiting their hooks and braving the elements. “In my last trip on the open ocean I observed that the shark finning problem is probably worse then … Continue reading